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Update RT82

Latest Firmware version issued on 5th, Jan, 2018, please check carefully before updating, please check the modifications and improvements in blue color

Following two are for the version of 10.000 contacts

Retevis RT82 (GPS-REC)-S4.05.bin for GPS version

Retevis RT82 (REC)-D4.05.bin for common version

Following two are for the version of 100.000 contacts

Retevis RT82 (CSV-GPS)-P4.05.bin for GPS version

Retevis RT82 (CSV)-V4.05.bin for common version

Firmware version: 4.05

Programming software: V1.22

Update content:

  1. Address the issue of receiving in the repeater mode, if the upper and lower frequency are the same and one use slot 1 and the other use slot 2, there will be no signaling coming

  2. Address the issue of same channel cannot be added into different band in the same zone

  3. Releasing the new programming software can read the codeplug from RT3

  4. Adding the monitor in the analog mode

  5. Address the issue of dual standby, if the upper or lower has the signal with carrier, another one didn’t have audio out

  6. Address the programming issue, sometimes, the radio will restart during programming

  7. Adding the function of enable or disable of track ball by long pressing #, actually track ball is a novel function, but if you think it is too easily move, you can lock it

  8. Improve the text message function in the private call

  9. Add another three radio ID, 4 radio IDs in total now and if you checked “Edit ID” box in the programming software, you can edit the first radio ID by manual, menu->utilities->radio info->my number-Edit, this function will make you easily to change radio ID.

  10. Address the issue that when you disable the sub band, if you change some setting or move to main band then move to sub band again, the sub band will be enabled again, so now you only can enable sub band by long press BACK key

  11. add “the menu hang time” in to the menu, you can set the time to back to the menu

  12. Add the SQL level setting in the menu, there is 0-9 levels available, which works both Analog and digital mode.

  13. Add Mic gain setting in the menu, there are 1-6 levels available

  14. Add “zone +and zone –” in the side key, when you assigned the side key as “zone ”, you can use the key to choose the prior zone.

  15. Main band and sub band can be in the different zones now

  16. Priority transmission, there are four options, a.last channel, b. last channel + hang channel, c. designated channel, d. designated channel + hang channel

    1. last channel: to transit with the last working channel

    2. last channel + hang channel: to transit with the hang channel

    3. designated channel: to transit with the current selected channel

    4. designated channel + hang channel: : to transit with the hang channel

  17. Users can add the group call contact list in the menu

  18. Manual dial the new contact list, both private call and group call, press #, then input the new contact ID and then transmit.

  19. Adding the function to enable or disable the different zone operation for main band and sub band, if you want to set them in the same zone, please check the box of public zone in the programming software 1.22 version-general setting-public zone .

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